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I noticed that you have started to work on Irrlicht 1.2. It is nice to see 1.2 released. 1.1 had a lot of problems and although I haven't had the chance to test 1.2 yet, the changelog looks promising. Well, I guess you know what is coming next! wink How about MacOS X support? If you need me to compile etc. just post. I'm having a look at 1.2 as we speak, or should that be write, I wonder...


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greetings Jonas smile  a build for Mac would be very much appreciated thank you.  im running a bit behind, due to workload so no rush.  hopefully v1.2 will be much improved for Mac.

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Greetings gman! Irrlicht 1.2 now compiles for Mac. There are two typos (at least in the download package and in revision 322 and earlier) that need to be corrected for it to compile. However, although it compiles, it does not link because there is a huge amount of references to undefined this and that. I have it up and running in Dev-C++ on my Windows machine. I'm going through the Mac project trying to figure out all the missing files. I'll post when it links to my game. wink

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I have now sorted out the problems. The libIrrlicht.a 1.2 (rev 322) can be downloaded from this link: …

There is a later revision, but at least this one compiles, so I don't want to rush into the latest revision without making sure it builds on Mac.

Good luck with the wrapping!

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thanks a million Jonas smile  i will try it out tonight.

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UPDATE:  very, very good news to report.  with only a minor change to the import statements i spot-checked many of the examples on my Intel Mac Mini all ran without a hitch.  didnt test them all but most.  frackin cool.  for the first time i can honestly say the Irrlicht BlitzMax mod is completely CROSS PLATFORM.  im sooooo pumped!   i would like to thank all involved that helped me with this and especially Jonas, who obviously has the magic touch when it comes to compiling smile

i need to incorporate the change and then reupload.  should be within the hour.


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is there a new version for the 1.4v of …

using this there are errors of version.

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smile very coincidental your timing...  every version i try the latest release of Irrlicht for mac with little success in v1.3 and v1.4+  until now!  a couple of nights ago i tried the v1.4.2 release.  it compiled and ran right out of the box and with a minor tweak to a BMX file appears to be fully functional!  RetroTank3D even ran in it with a few minor non-Irrlicht related glitches.  if you need to recompile the mod please post here and i will post hte BMX file change needed.  otherwise, here are the mac intel binaries: …

enjoy smile