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Topic: Two Weeks is too long

When I wasnt useing Irrlicht you seemed to post new wrapper news all the time at BRL.
Now that I am using Irrlicht it seems to take an age between a new version and your wrapper release, two weeks this time.

What you should do, next time a version increase, is pack the family of on hoilday or to borstal or somthing, max out on ProPlus or the like, ring in work sick.

That would probably enable you to finish a new wrapper in, what, two days.


Good work. You are turning into a clique Icon/Guru

Re: Two Weeks is too long

LOL smile  thank you!  actually it was just over 3 weeks.  was actually kinda surprised at my estimate being pretty accurate.  fought through a cold and easter with the family which delayed me a bit smile  just made it before my B-Day on the 18th.  i havent announced over at BRL yet as i was waiting to get the Linux and Mac ports tested.  the hardcore folks that visit here get the good news early smile 

hope everyone enjoyed the play by play as progress was made.  was kinda fun posting a near daily log on how the update was going and was happy to see the views on the update post going up.  next time im going to track the hours per item.  i think i will be surprised to tally them up.  the goofy IAnimatedMeshMD3 probably took around 6 solid hours with all its structs.  i got to add a few new things in there too though which made me happy.  eventually all the arrays will be converted over to BMAX arrays.  overall i would say in total this time was around 16-20 hours so you are pretty accurate in your two-day solid estimate.  in my younger pre-kid years i could get away with doing a coding weekend and knock it all out at once.  throw that out window now unless i want my rear bruised smile

Good work. You are turning into a clique Icon/Guru

truly too kind.  just doing the best i can with the skills i have. 

thanks again and thank you (and everyone else) for helping folks out on the forum when you can.  exactly what i had envisioned when i opened this forum so its very exciting to see.  looking forward to seeing some Irrlicht stuff <nudge><nudge>.