Topic: Irrlicht.Addons (2010_08_12) - addons update for Irrlicht v1.7.1 mod

i have just released the addons mod called Irrlicht.Addons Release 2010_08_12.  this is a mod that will add in types that are not in the base Irrlicht mods.  this release contains:

SizzlerSceneNode is the fully functional IrrSizzler scene node originally written by Saurav Mohapatra and ported to BlitzMax by gman.  please see the samples area for a sample using the new node. 

CloudSceneNode is the CCloudSceneNode by Gaz Davidson.  this is a wrapped scene node (as opposed to a ported one like IrrSizzler).  unfortunately due to an issue with transparency is not fully functional yet.  i think its something with how the cloud4.png texture was created so if anyone wants to give it a try feel free.  it needs to be a 32bit with alpha channel image.  the sample is in the samples area.

SmoothEventReceiver written by gman using a sample from the Irrlicht forums.  this event reciever allows you to check mouse and keyboard input like B3D.  it also fixes the problem with regular input receivers where each key stomps on the previous so there is no way to know if 2 keys are down at the same time.  currently there is no sample but one is planned.

IWindGenerator is IWindGenerator by Klasker.  this is a wrapped IUnknown class that simulates wind.  see the grass node sample for an example of its use.

GrassPatchSceneNode is the CGrassPatchSceneNode by Gaz Davidson.  this is a wrapped scene node that implements grass and uses the wind generator to simulate blowing in the breeze.  really neat to see.  see the addon samples for a sample using this node.

more as i find them.  currently there is a beam light node, a tree node, and a lazy 3rd person camera i want to investigate.

also, i have not yet updated the 3Pcameraanimator from the original addons mod yet.

2009-06-09 - update for v1.5 of Irrlicht.  SmoothEventReceiver also now has a GetChar() equivalent.

2010-08-12 - recompile for v1.7.1 of Irrlicht.  Fixed issues reported by Lobby in SmoothEventReceiver.