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here are some early screenshots of my game project RetroTank3D.  Its a retro toon-style 3D remake of the tank portion of Atari Combat!

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haahah! that looks great! pocket tanks seems to finally have found a worthy competitor smile

...any chance of a demo?

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thank you smile  no demo yet but my vision is really coming together nicely.  i want to get the multiplayer functional before i put anything out.  although i only get an hour here and an hour there, things are humming along pretty well.  im really hoping for a complete game sometime in July.

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excellent gman, this will be great!

i'll be looking forward to your grand release, keep it up!

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It will be very interesting. I am looking forward for it.

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ok so i couldnt resist putting out an extremely early alpha.  basically you can just drive tanks around.  no collisions yet either.

2005_05_04 Alpha Release (Windows): …

keycommands are:

arrow keys -> move the tanks

F1 -> Tank 1
F2 -> Tank 2
F3 -> Free Cam

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oooo, i love it!
this game will rock in 2 player!

hehe, imagine different weapon types and some bounce/gravity physics in here tongue

great beta gman, looking forward to more releases!

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Made a lot of progress lately so there is a new playable demo available smile … …

Title Screen Keys:

F12 => Cycle Color Schemes

In-Game Keys:

Player 1 (Retro Tank):
X => Forward
Z => Left
C => Right
TAB => Fire

Player 2 (Sleek Tank):
Up Arrow => Forward
Left Arrow => Left
Right Arrow => Right
Enter => Fire


F1 => Tilted 3D Overhead
F2 => 3D Overhead
F3 => Full Retro Overhead
F4 => Split-Screen
F5 => Player 1
F6 => Player 2

Other Keys:

F7 => Toggle Guided Shell Mode
F8 => Toggle Invisible Tank Mode
F9 => Pause
ESC => Exit to Main Menu

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w00t - here i am... rock you like a hurricane.

i rule

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I'm a fan of the guided shell mode. It's pretty freaking hard to control, but I'm way down with it's addition.

GREAT WORK - Keep it coming!