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Topic: FPS Camer ala Blitz3D?

Hi! I've looked at the cameraman template and the firstperson template for 3impact but think both are overkill for a First Person style camera setup.

Can anybody share or does anybody have any code that can setup an FPS Camera similar to how you would do it in blitz3D?

I've searched the 3impact forums and I'm not the frist to ask this. Some were answered but no code was provided and in others the 3impact team said they will have something for FPS makers soon, but that was back in threads from 2004/2005.

Any help would be appreciated.

I also noticed that the Blitz version of the cameraman code is way different from the C++ one provided in the 3impact install folder.

[edit] Ahh! With regards to the camerman code I was looking in 2 different folders. I found the blitz version of what I was looking for and it's in the common folder in demos. smile

Still, if anyone has a quick way to make an fps camera then please reveal. smile In the meanwhile I'll go and study the camraman helper classes.