Topic: 3impact for c#?

Hi! A user by the name of Zumwalt managed to get 3impact working with c#.

This user has been absent from the 3impact forums for quite some time. His last work on the wrapper is here which we can freely modify and update. …

My question is how realistic is the prospect of getting this c# 3impact wrapper updated so that we can use 3impact with C#?

Please be aware that I'm not looking for a freebie as gman you have done some awesome work for blitzmax. I am willing to pay anywhere in the region of $50 to $100 for a 3impact c# wrapper. I am also willing to pay between $10 - $25 to keep the wrapper updated with each release of 3impact.

So the important question is, GMan, can you make 3impact work with c#? Do you have the time to do this. It needs to work c# express 2005.

Thanks. smile

Re: 3impact for c#?

greetings amon smile  its actually in visual (although you can use it from C#).  do you have any samples converted to use C# or or code i can use to test with?  also, unfortunately it looks like this is still v4.4 of 3Impact...  considerable changes since then.  to answer the main question i more than likely would be able to, i would just not want to spend alot of time getting a framework going to test it with.  so if i had some of the demos to test with i could get on it.

Re: 3impact for c#?

I second this nomination, please help complete the C#, VB.NET wrapper for 3Impact version 4400 and above?  The reason why I state 4400 even though supposedly they have it already, I think there are bugs, and items missing, that he never finished in it, and that is the version of 3Impact I have currently, until After February of Next year, I am tapped funds wise, but will be upgrading versions then, and will be more than willing to help support the cause.  On top of this, I am working on Writing / Integrating Model Editors along with Level Editors, to Create a More complete package similar to 3D Game Studios editors such as WED and MED.  I think that with the Quark Sourcecode and the Level Editor sourcecode available from Reality Factory for RFEDit Pro and World Editor, this combined with Fragmotion or another model editor with sourcecode, we can make a system to rival all of them.  Although I want to make the editors support multiple engines, like Torque, 3Impact, DBPro, Blitz3D, Etc..

If you wish to help, your more than welcome to the team GMan.