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Topic: Current Release v2.15 (2012_07_18)

thanks to TommyBear (from the BlitzMax forums) again for starting this module up. 

v2.15 bug fix:

1) Fixed issue with missing CRC causing some ZIP programs to not recognize the password

v2.12 API updates:

1) ExtractFileToDisk now returns true/false based on success

v2.09 introduced a few new things:

1) There is now a stream wrapper for reading files with OpenStream().  The format is:


2) It now uses the central file headers instead of the local file headers to read in the file list.  This should resolve issues with WinRAR passworded ZIP files.

3) The zipsample is now included in the distribution under the mod directory.

ZipEngine 2.15 mod (for BMAX v1.42+)


v2.15 (2012/03/23) - Fixed issue with CRC check found by JoshK.
v2.13 (2010/07/27) - added timestamping of extracted files to match date stored in zip.
v2.12 (2010/07/26) - fixed issues with extracting empty directories.  fixed issue with trying to extract over a file in use.
v2.11 (2010/06/30) - fixed issue with AddFileToDest not respecting the destination file.
v2.10 (2009/02/27) - updated the central header scan routine to be more efficient.
v2.09 (2009/02/15) - converted to use central file headers.  added stream wrapper.
v2.08 (2009/02/10) - fixed AddStream() bug found by peterigz.
v2.07 (2007/XX/XX) - renamed to gman.ZipEngine.
v2.06 (2006/10/18) - added AddStream() method to writer.
v2.05 (2006/07/15) - added datetimes to compressed files.  fixed fileCount() for added files.
v2.04 (2005/12/14) - fixed error in readFileList() when a new zip is created.  changed to SuperStrict and added all the missing declarations.
v2.03 (2005/12/07) - created new ZipRamStream and updated extractfile() to use new stream
v2.02 (2005/12/05) - updated to be compatible with BMAX v1.14
v2.01 (2005/11/14) - updated to be compatible with BMAX v1.12

Re: Current Release v2.15 (2012_07_18)

current release has been updated.

Re: Current Release v2.15 (2012_07_18)

replaced outdated file in release distribution with correct file.  version did not change.