Topic: Irrlicht 1.4 for Mac OS released

Following the release of Irrlicht 1.4, the package for Mac OS is now available as well: download Irrlicht 1.4 for Mac OS 1.4.
The dmg file contains all source files but no precompiled binaries, you need to compile it yourself using XCode. It was created by Varmint, and we are happy to announce that he now joined our team to keep on maintaining the Mac OS version of Irrlicht.

Re: Irrlicht 1.4 for Mac OS released

greetings smile  i did download the MacOS version and it did compile right out of the box.  unfortunately it was completely unstable and crashed entirely.  i could not run any demos.  im wondering if i have my xcode installed correctly.  does anyone else with an Intel Mac want to give it a whirl?