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Hi! I can replace block on anim block? And how it to do? smile

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grettings Serge smile  if i understand correctly, you are looking to replace an animation image?  if this is the case, you would need to edit the actual map using the Mappy map maker.  you can download that at:

beyond that im afraid i dont know much.  while i ported the code to BlitzMax i am not a user.   also, you may have better luck on more Mappy API specific stuff over at the Mappy forums:

not sure if i helped or not, but i will try my best.

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oops, sorry for my english, but, this command: MapSetBlock(mx:Int,my:Int,mv:Int) -  replace static on static block, how it me replace static block ( in game ) on animblock?

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np on the english smile  i think i understand what you are saying.  based on what i read:

MapSetBlock (int x, int y, int strvalue);

The x and y paramaters are the offset from the left and top of the map in BLOCKS, NOT pixels. If strvalue is positive, the cell is set to that block structure. If strvalue is negative the cell is set to that anim structure - 1 (ie if you want to put anim 3 in, strvalue would be -4).

located here:

this isnt the BMX mappy, but if the functions are the same it looks like instead of setting positive #s for the last parameter you do negative minus 1 for animations.

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Oooooo, thanx, thanx, thanx, thanx, thanx, thanx, thanx! :-)

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your welcome smile  did you get what you needed working then Serge?

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Yes, yes! All worked! He-he, im stupid! :-)