Topic: Irrlicht 1.5 is released!!!

Hi gman,

Irrlicht 1.5 is released!!! Could you update your wrapper please ?

Dec-15-2008      Irrlicht 1.5 Released!

We are happy to announce that we just released Irrlicht version 1.5. This version contains a lot of new features, here are some few highlights:

    * Vertex Buffer Objects, i.e. storing meshes on the GPU
    * Joystick support on all platforms
    * Added support for collada 1.4 and LWO files
    * 32bit indices for large meshes
    * Added an .obj writer
    * Improved software rasterizer (burning video)
    * Improvements for dynamic lights, particle systems, LMTS, PNG and PCX loading and writing
    * Added FSAA for OpenGL
    * OGRE .mesh loader improvments
    * Nicer and faster terrain rendering
    * Volume lights
    * Various improvements for the WindowsCE port
    * Shared depth buffers for RTT in D3D
    * Added a font creation tool for Linux


Re: Irrlicht 1.5 is released!!!

greetings smile  i definately plan on updating.  i aim to start as soon as i finish the 3Impact update.