Topic: Irrlicht v1.5 compatible mod (Updated 2009_03_02)

the mods have been updated to be Irrlicht v1.5 compatible.  please see the INSTALL.TXT file with the distro for basic install instructions.

2009_03_02 Irrlicht Mod for Irrlicht v1.5/BMAX v1.30

Changes in release 2009_03_02
- fixed same bug from texture animator in mesh buffer append

Changes in release 2009_02_28
- fixed a bug in the texture animator that caused the textures to not transfer properly

NOTE: i did not implement the new meshwriter interface and a few other minor things that %99.99 of us will never use.  hopefully i will get to them eventually but i need to move forward on other things.  if you need something that is missing don't hesitate to drop me a line.

the .a and .dll files have been updated to Irrlicht v1.5.

most examples have been updated and can be downloaded below:

2009_04_05 Irrlicht Examples

a few instructions...

for installing the mod:

extract the mod distribution zip file into your mod folder under blitzmax.  this should create an irrlicht.mod folder under your mod folder and then the core.mod folder under that.

for installing the lib and dll files:

from the mod distribution:

copy BMAX\mod\irrlicht.mod\lib\win\Irrlicht.dll to your windows\system32 folder
copy BMAX\mod\irrlicht.mod\lib\win\D3DX81ab.dll to your windows\system32 folder

you can download the Irrlicht v1.5 MingW DX9/DX8 build at:

IrrDX_v1_5 MingW .a and .DLL files

copy libIrrlicht.a to your BMAX\mod\irrlicht.mod\core.mod folder
copy Irrlicht.dll to your windows\system32 folder
copy D3DX81ab.dll to your windows\system32 folder

if you download the Irrlicht distro then:

copy lib\Win32-gcc\libIrrlicht.a to your BMAX\mod\irrlicht.mod\core.mod folder
copy bin\Win32-gcc\Irrlicht.dll to your windows\system32 folder

NOTE:  i have not yet compiled a distribution for Mac or Linux.