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Topic: collision tutorial?

Hi, I saw the 7th tutorial on how to create collisions between a mesh and a level.
I used the code succesfully, but what is the best way to see if 2 meshes collide?
Or lets say you have 50 planes flying around what would be the best way to detect collisions?

Tutorial 7 uses triangle versus sphere which might be too slow for 50 planes

is there a way of doing sphere-sphere?

and how do you detect colliisons in code?(e.g. bullet vs plane)


Re: collision tutorial?

collision is about to get a lot better in v1.6 and parts of my current project are on hold a bit until that comes out.  the current built-in implementation does not allow you to know a collision actually occurred.  the updated version has a collision callback system so you can actually be notified when a collision occurs.

Irrlicht is a bit different than B3D in that most of the tools are there but you need to wrap it up a bit to make it work.  it will take me a bit to whip up a few examples.  in the meantime you can review the source of iB3D for some collision stuff. 

essentially, sphere-sphere detection and response will need to be all manual.  box-box is manual.  box-boxmesh (you can create a mesh from a box for collision purposes) is built-in but you dont know when a collision happens.  box-mesh is built-in.  mesh-mesh is manual.

Re: collision tutorial?

yeah OK I will review the source thanks,