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Topic: mappy function parameters,please help

hi gman,thanks for all the nice work,
i am writting a small game which using mappy map,and i am coufused about
some functions,
can you give some details for this functions:

MapDrawFG(scrlx, scrly, 0, 0, scrnw, scrnh, 0),
what does the last parameter mean? layer or what?

any functions to get the map layer number ?
i want to use a for next loop to draw/check all the layer,
it's not so handy to switch the current layer all the time.

also please give some detail for type BLKSTR,what do the fields mean like bg/fg/user0..?

thanks for reply!

Re: mappy function parameters,please help

for local layer:Int = 0 until map.maxmaplayers
   map.mapcurlyr = layer
   map.MapDrawFG(scrlx, scrly, 0, 0, scrnw, scrnh, 0)