Topic: v1.6 conversion

here are the updates in v1.6.  quite a bit of changes and some things i have not done before that i need to figure out.  this one is going to take a while.

(done) - coreutil.h
    (later) - new function isFileExtension
    (later) - new function hasFileExtension
    (later) - new overload cutFilenameExtension
    (later) - new function deletePathFromFilename
    (later) - new function deletePathFromPath
    (later) - new function isInSameDirectory

(done) - dimension2d.h
    (later) - new constructor from vector2d
    (later) - new == overload for vector2d
    (later) - new != overload for vector2d
    (later) - new typedef for dimension2du
    (later) - new constructor for dimension2du
    (later) - new = overload for dimension2du
(done) - EDeviceTypes.h
    (done) - new file
(done) - EDriverFeatrues.h
(done) - EGUIElementTypes.h
    (done) - new enum EGUIET_TREE_VIEW

(done) - EMaterialFlags.h
    (done) - enums now have values
    (done) - new enum EMF_ANTI_ALIASING
    (done) - new enum EMF_COLOR_MASK
    (done) - new enum EMF_COLOR_MATERIAL
    (done) - removed EMF_MATERIAL_FLAG_COUNT
(done) - EMeshWriter.h
    (done) - new enum EMWT_PLY
    (done) - new enum EMWF_WRITE_BINARY
(done) - ESceneNodeTypes.h
    (done) - new enum ESNT_SKY_DOME
    (done) - new enum ESNT_Q3SHADER_SCENE_NODE
    (done) - new enum ESNT_VOLUME_LIGHT
(done) - IAnimatedMeshMD3.h
    (done) * - SMD3Header, renamed headerSize to frameStart
    (done) * - SMD3MeshBuffer, Shader prop is now just stringc
    (N/A) - SMD3QuaternionTag, new constructor from SMD3QuaternionTag
    (done) * - == overload spelling fix
    (N/A) - SMD3QuaternionTagList, new constructor from SMD3QuaternionTagList
    (done) - SMD3QuaternionTagList, new function set_used
    (done) - SMD3QuaternionTagList, new function push_back

(done) - IAnimatedMeshSceneNode.h
    (done) * - spelling error fix for SMD3QuaternionTag (old SMD3QuaterionTag)
    (done) * - getMD3TagTransformation now returns pointer
(done) - ICameraSceneNode.h
    (done) - new method setViewMatrixAffector
    (done) - new method getViewMatrixAffector

(done) - IEventReceiver.h
    (done) - new enum EMIE_MOUSE_DOUBLE_CLICK
    (done) - new enum EMIE_MOUSE_TRIPLE_CLICK
    (done) - new enum group E_MOUSE_BUTTON_STATE_MASK
    (done) - new enum EGET_DIRECTORY_SELECTED
    (done) - new enum EGET_EDITBOX_CHANGED
    (done) - new enum EGET_EDITBOX_MARKING_CHANGED
    (done) - new enum EGET_TREEVIEW_NODE_DESELECT
    (done) - new enum EGET_TREEVIEW_NODE_SELECT
    (done) - new enum EGET_TREEVIEW_NODE_EXPAND
    (done) - new enum EGET_TREEVIEW_NODE_COLLAPS
    (done) - new enum EGET_COUNT
    (done) - SMouseInput
        (done) - new prop Shift
        (done) - new prop Control
        (done) - new prop buttonstates
        (done) - new method isLeftPressed
        (done) - new method isRightPressed
        (done) - new method isMiddlePressed

(done) - IFileArchive.h
    (done) * - new
(done) - IFileList.h
    (done) * - getFileName now returns path
    (done) * - getFullFileName now return path
    (done) - new method findFile
    (done) - new method getPath

(done) - IFileSystem.h
    (done) * - createAndOpenFile param now path
    (done) * - createMemoryReadFile param now path
    (done) - new method createLimitReadFile
    (done) - new method createMemoryWriteFile
    (done) * - createAndWriteFile param now path
    (done) - new method addFileArchive
    (done) - new method addArchiveLoader
    (done) - new method getFileArchiveCount
    (done) - new method removeFileArchive x2
    (done) - new method moveFileArchive
    (done) - new method getFileArchive
    (done) * - getWorkingDirectory now returns path
    (done) * - changeWorkingDirectoryTo param now path
    (done) * - getAbsolutePath now returns path and param now path
    (done) * - getFileDir now returns path and param now path
    (done) * - getFileBasename now returns path and param now path
    (done) - new method setFileListSystem
    (done) * - existFile now takes path param.  overload is gone.
    (done) * - createXMLReader param now path
    (done) * - createXMLReaderUTF8 param now path
    (done) * - createXMLWriter param now path

(done) IGeometryCreator.h
    (done) * - new

(done) IGPUProgrammingServices.h
    (done) * - addHighLevelShaderMaterialFromFiles now has path params
    (done) * - addShaderMaterialFromFiles now has path params
(done) IGUIButton.h
    (done) - setImage param now has default
    (done) - setPressedImage param now has default
    (done) - setIsPushButton param now has default
    (done) - setPressed param now has default
    (done) - setUseAlphaChannel param now has default
    (done) - setDrawBorder param now has default
    (done) - new method setScaleImage
    (done) - new method isScalingImage

(done) IGUIComboBox.h
    (done) - new method getItemData
    (done) - new method getIndexForItemData
    (done) - addItem has new param
(done) IGUIEditBox.h
    (N/A) * - getTextDimension now returns dimension2du
(done) IGUIElement.h
    (done) * - setMaxSize param now dimension2du
    (done) * - setMinSize param now dimension2du
(done) IGUIEnvironment.h
    (done) - new method createImageList
    (done) * - getFont param now path
    (done) * - getSpriteBank param now path
    (done) * - addEmptySpriteBank param now path
    (done) - new method addTreeView
    (done) * - addSpinBox has new param for border
    (done) * - saveGUI param now path
    (done) * - loadGUI param now path
    (done) * - readGUIElement param rename
(done) IGUIFileOpenDialog.h
    (done) - new method getDirectoryName
(done) IGUIFont.h
    (n/a) - getDimension now returns dimension2du
    (done) - draw param now stringw
    (done) - new method setInvisibleCharacters
(done) IGUIImageList.h
    (done) * - new
(done) IGUIListBox.h
    (done) - new overload setSelected
    (done) - new method setItemHeight
    (done) - new method setDrawBackground
(done) IGUIScrollbar.h
    (done) - new method setMin
    (done) - new method getMin
(done) IGUISkin.h
    (done) - new enum EGDS_TITLEBARTEXT_DISTANCE_X
    (done) - new enum EGDS_TITLEBARTEXT_DISTANCE_Y

(done) IGUISpriteBank.h
    (done) - new method draw2DSpriteBatch
(done) IGUITabControl.h
    (done) - new method setTabMaxWidth
    (done) - new method getTabMaxWidth
(done) IGUITable.h
    (done) - new method setSelected
    (done) - addRow now returns a value
    (N/A) * - setCellText param type change x2

(done) IGUITreeView.h
    (done) * - new
(done) IGUIWindow.h
    (done) - new method isDraggable
    (done) - new method setDraggable
    (done) - new method setDrawBackground
    (done) - new method getDrawBackground
    (done) - new method setDrawTitlebar
    (done) - new method getDrawTitlebar
(done) IImage.h
    (done) - new enum ECF_R16F
    (done) - new enum ECF_G16R16F
    (done) - new enum ECF_A16B16G16R16F
    (done) - new enum ECF_R32F
    (done) - new enum ECF_G32R32F
    (done) - new enum ECF_A32B32G32R32F
    (done) - new enum ECF_UNKNOWN
    (N/A) * - getDimension now return dimension2du
    (done) - setPixel has new param
    (done) * - copyToScaling param type changes
    (done) - new method copyToScalingBoxFilter
    (done) - new method getBitsPerPixelFromFormat
    (done) - new method isRenderTargetOnlyFormat

(done) IImageLoader.h
    (done) * - isALoadableFileExtension path param
(done) IImageWriter.h
    (done) * - isAWriteableFileExtension path param
(done) ILightManager.h
    (done) - new
(done) ILightSceneNode.h
    (done) - new method setVisible
(done) ILogger.h
    (done) - new log overload

(done) IMeshCache.h
    (done) * - addMesh path param
    (done) * - getMeshByFilename path param
    (done) * - getMeshFilename path return val x3
    (done) * - setMeshFilename path param x3
    (done) * - isMeshLoaded path param
(done) IMeshLoader.h
    (done) * - isALoadableFileExtension path param

(done) IMeshManipulator.h
    (done) - new overloads for makePlanarTextureMapping x2
    (done) - new method createMeshWith1TCoords
    (done) * - createMeshWelded param default change

(done) IOSOperator.h
    (done) * - getTextFromClipboard returns const

(done) IParticleAffector.h
    (done) * - removed serializeAttributes
    (done) * - removed deserializeAttributes

(done) IParticleEmitter.h
    (done) * - removed serializeAttributes
    (done) * - removed deserializeAttributes

(done) IQ3LevelMesh.h
    (done) * - removed releaseMesh
    (done) * - getShader now returns IShader x2
    (N/A) * - getEntityList now returns non-const list
(done) IQ3Shader.h
    (later) * - total rework

(done) IReadFile.h
    (done) * - getFileName returns path
    (N/A) * - createReadFile path param
    (N/A) * - createLimitReadFile path param
    (N/A) * - createMemoryReadFile path param

(done) irrAllocator.h
    (N/A) - new enum group eAllocStrategy
(done) irrlicht.h
    (done) * - createDevice param now dimension2du

(done) IrrlichtDevice.h
    (done) * - setResizable case fix
    (done) - new method minimizeWindow
    (done) - new method maximizeWindow
    (done) - new method restoreWindow
    (done) - new method setGammaRamp
    (done) - new method getGammaRamp
    (done) - new method getType
(done) ISceneCollisionManager.h
    (done) * - getCollisionPoint new param
    (done) * - getCollisionResultPosition new params
    (done) - getSceneNodeFromScreenCoordinatesBB new params and type change
    (done) - getSceneNodeFromRayBB new param and type change
    (done) - new method getSceneNodeAndCollisionPointFromRay
(done) ISceneManager.h
    (done) - enum E_SCENE_NODE_RENDER_PASS now has values
    (done) - new enum ESNRP_NONE
    (done) - new enum ESNRP_TRANSPARENT_EFFECT
    (done) - removed enum ESNRP_COUNT
    (done) * - getMesh path param
    (done) - new method getFileSystem
    (done) - addOctTreeSceneNode new return type x2
    (done) - addCameraSceneNodeFPS new param
    (done) * - addSkyDomeSceneNode updated param types and new param
    (done) * - addTerrainSceneNode path param
    (done) * - addQuake3SceneNode return type and param type
    (done) * - addHillPlaneMesh path param
    (done) * - addTerrainMesh path param and param type
    (done) * - addArrowMesh path param
    (done) * - addSphereMesh path param
    (done) - new method addVolumeLightMesh
    (done) - createRotationAnimator param name change
    (done) - createFlyCircleAnimator new params
    (done) - new overload createTriangleSelector
    (done) - new method getAnimatorTypeName
    (done) * - saveScene path param
    (done) * - loadScene path param
    (done) - new method createSkinnedMesh
    (done) - new method setLightManager
    (done) - new method getGeometryCreator
    (done) - new method isCulled
(done) ISCeneNode.h
    (done) - new method isTrulyVisible

(done) ISceneNodeAnimator.h
    (done) - new method hasFinished
(done) ISceneNodeAnimatorCameraFPS.h
    (done) - new method setInvertMouse
(done) ISceneNodeAnimatorCollisionResponse.h
    (done) - new class ICollisionCallback
    (done) - new method setAnimateTarget
    (done) - new method getAnimateTarget
    (done) - new method setTargetNode
    (done) - new method getTargetNode
    (done) - new method collisionOccurred
    (done) - new method getCollisionPoint
    (done) - new method getCollisionTriangle
    (done) - new method getCollisionResultPosition
    (done) - new method getCollisionNode
    (done) - new method setCollisionCallback

(done) ISkinnedMesh.h
    (done) - missing all functions below SJoint definition

(done) ITexture.h
    (done) - new enum ETCF_ALLOW_NON_POWER_2
    (N/A) * - constructor path param
    (N/A) * - getOriginalSize return value
    (N/A) * - getSize return value
    (done) - new method hasAlpha
    (N/A) * - getName returns path

(done) ITriangleSelector.h
    (done) - new method getSceneNodeForTriangle

(done) IVideoDriver.h
    (done) - new enums in E_TRANSFORMATION_STATE
    (done) - new enum E_RENDER_TARGET
    (done) - new struct SOverrideMaterial
    (done) - new method getImageLoaderCount
    (done) - new method getImageLoader
    (done) - new method getImageWriterCount
    (done) - new method getImageWriter
    (done) * - getTexture path param
    (N/A) * - removed getTexture stringc overload
    (done) * - renameTexture path param
    (done) * - addTexture path param and param types change
    (done) * - addTexture overload path param
    (done) * - addRenderTargetTexture path param and new param
    (done) * - removed createRenderTargetTexture
    (done) * - makeColorKeyTexture new param x2
    (done) - new overload setRenderTarget
    (done) - new method draw2DVertexPrimitiveList
    (done) - new method draw2DImageBatch x2
    (done) * - removed 1 overload of draw2DImage
    (done) * - setFog new param type
    (N/A) * - getScreenSize new return type
    (N/A) * - getCurrentRenderTargetSize return type
    (done) - new method turnLightOn
    (done) * - setTextureCreationFlag new param default
    (done) * - createImageFromFile path param
    (done) * - writeImageToFile path param
    (done) - new overload writeImageToFile
    (done) * - createImageFromData param type
    (done) * - createImage param type x2
    (done) - new overload createImage
    (done) * - OnResize param type
    (done) * - findTexture path param
    (done) - new method setMinHardwareBufferVertexCount
    (done) - new method getOverrideMaterial
(done) IVideoModeList.h
    (N/A) * - getVideoModeResolution new return value
    (done) * - getVideoModeResolution new return value and param type
    (N/A) * - getDesktopResolution new return value

(done) IVolumeLightSceneNode.h
    (done) * - setFootColor spelling change
    (done) * - getFootColor spelling change
    (done) * - setTailColor spelling change
    (done) * - getTailColor spelling change

(done) IWriteFile.h
    (done) * - getFileName new return type
    (N/A) * - createWriteFile path param

(done) matrix4.h
    (done) - new method isOrthogonal
    (done) - new method buildRotateFromTo
    (done) - new method setRotationCenter
    (done) - new method buildAxisAlignedBillboard

(done) path.h
    * - new
    - core::string<char> path;
    - .c_str() for anything it returns
    - for const c8*, simply path(variable)

(done) position2d.h
    (later) - position2d has been removed and is now typedefs of vector2d.
(done) quaternion.h
    (done) * - getMatrix new param
    (done) - new method getMatrixCenter

(done) SceneParameters.h
    (done) - new const B3D_LOADER_IGNORE_MIPMAP_FLAG
    (done) - new const DEBUG_NORMAL_LENGTH
    (done) - new const DEBUG_NORMAL_COLOR

(done) SIrrCreationParameters.h
    (done) - new DeviceType property
    (done) - new Doublebuffer property
    (done) - new Stereobuffer property
    (done) * - WindowSize new type
    (done) - AntiAlias new type   
(done) SKeyMap.h
    (done) - new enum EKA_CROUCH
(done) SMaterial.h
    (done) - new enum block E_COMPARISON_FUNC
    (done) - new enum block E_COLOR_PLANE
    (done) - new enum block E_ALPHA_SOURCE
    (done) - new enum block E_ANTI_ALIASING_MODE
    (done) - new enum block E_COLOR_MATERIAL
    (done) - MATERIAL_MAX_TEXTURES now uses a constant for the value
    (done) - new property AntiAliasing
    (done) - new property ColorMask
    (done) - new property ColorMaterial

(done) SMaterialLayer.h
    (done) - AnisotropicFilter type change
    (done) - new property LODBias

(done) SViewFrustum.h
    (done) - new method getTransform x2
    (done) - new method clipLine
    (done) * - removed enum E_TRANSFORMATION_STATE_3
    (done) * - removed setTransformState

(done) vector2d.h
    (later) - new operator overloads to handle dimension2d

(done) vector3d.h
    (done) * - equals has different default to param
    (done) * - ROUNDING_ERROR constant issue

Re: v1.6 conversion

updated with progress.  as usual, im updating the interface breaking items first with the goal of just compiling.  once i do that i will then add the new stuff.  i was pretty happy in that the new "path" type is turning out to not be that big of an issue.  the dimension2du conversion is also not too bad.  things are going well!

Re: v1.6 conversion

our baby was born late last week so ive been a bit swamped, more-so than usual that is.  still, progress is being made.

Re: v1.6 conversion

its compiling!  yay!  a long ways to go still, but being able to compile and run makes it so much easier...

Re: v1.6 conversion

progress update

Re: v1.6 conversion

another progress update

Re: v1.6 conversion

still chuggin along

Re: v1.6 conversion

some good progress today

Re: v1.6 conversion


Re: v1.6 conversion

another update...

Re: v1.6 conversion

getting warmer.  im shooting to have this done by the end of the weekend.

Re: v1.6 conversion

its great to have goals but unfortunately i was not able to finish sad  dang close though.  sometimes the new types are a bit misleading.  they take up only 1 line in my analysis file, but sometimes end up taking a long time to actually complete.  two of the new ones had two types inside instead of one.  one of them had 39 methods to wrap neutral  anyways,  it looks like this coming weekend will be the weekend.  i will continue to nibble throughout the week.

Re: v1.6 conversion

new binding technique went well on the new ILightManager type.  unfortunately wasted 2 hours tracking down a bug that in the end was me mistakenly declaring some functions as methods :\  anyways, still hoping for a release tonight.

Re: v1.6 conversion

well that release didnt happen.  funny how life tends to creep up on you.  anyways, another update.  again, im hoping for this weekend to be finished.  overall there is not a lot left.

Re: v1.6 conversion

ok!  as far as the mod goes i think im done with all that needs converted.  i have all but the last 2 examples converted as well.  creating the release post now smile