Topic: v1.7.1 conversion

is underway!  sorry for the delay sad

(done) EDeviceTypes.h
    (done) - new EIDT_FRAMEBUFFER
(done) EDriverFeatures.h
    (done) - new
        (done) EVDF_MRT_BLEND
        (done) EVDF_MRT_COLOR_MASK
        (done) EVDF_MRT_BLEND_FUNC
(done) EDriverTypes.h
    (done) - new EDT_COUNT
(done) EGUIElementTypes.h
    (done) - relocated EGUIET_COUNT
    (done) - added element to GUIElementTypeNames
(done) ESceneNodeTypes.h
    (done) - updated value for ESNT_OCTREE
(done) IAnimatedMeshSceneNode.h
    (done) - removed EJUOR_COUNT
    (done) - new method getAnimationSpeed
(done) IAttributes.h
    (done) - removed E_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE
    (done) - changed addArray param to pass by ref
    (done) - changed setAttribute for array to pass by ref (x2)
(done) ICursorControl.h
    (done) - getPosition now returns ref

(done) IEventReceiver.h
    (done) - new enums
    (done) - removed

(done) IFileArchive.h
    (done) - new enum EFAT_NPK
    (done) - IFileArchive
        (done) - new Password property
(done) IFileList.h
    (done) - new method getID
    (done) - new method addItem
    (done) - new method sort
(done) IFileSystem.h
    (done) - addFileArchive new params
    (done) - new method createEmptyFileList

(done) IGeometryCreator.h
    (done) - new method createPlaneMesh
(done) IGUIContextMenu.h
    (done) - new enum ECONTEXT_MENU_CLOSE
    (done) - IGUIContextMenu
        (done) - new method setCloseHandling
        (done) - new method getCloseHandling
        (done) - new param addItem
        (done) - new method insertItem
        (done) - new method findItemWithCommandId
        (done) - new method setItemAutoChecking
        (done) - new method getItemAutoChecking
        (done) - new method setEventParent
(done) IGUIElement.h
    (done) - new method hasType

(done) IGUIEnvironment.h
    (done) - new method addFont
    (done) - new param addMessageBox
(done) IGUISkin.h
    (done) - new enum EGST_COUNT
    (done) - new enums
    (done) - new param draw3DWindowBackground

(done) IGUISpriteBank.h
    (done) - new method addTextureAsSprite
    (done) - new method clear
(done) IGUIWindow.h
    (done) - new method getClientRect

(done) IGPUProgrammingServices.h
    (done) - removed defaults from
        (done) - addHighLevelShaderMaterial
        (done) - addHighLevelShaderMaterialFromFiles
    (done) - new params for
        (done) - addHighLevelShaderMaterial
        (done) - addHighLevelShaderMaterialFromFiles
(done) IMeshBuffer.h
    (done) - removed E_PRIMITIVE_TYPE

(done) IMeshCache.h
    (done) - renamed param in addMesh
    (done) - removed getMeshByFilename
    (done) - removed getMeshFilename (x3)
    (done) - removed setMeshFilename (x3)
    (done) - new method getMeshByName
    (done) - new method getMeshName (x3)
    (done) - new method renameMesh (x3)
    (done) - isMeshLoaded param name change

(done) IMeshManipulator.h
    (done) - new method recalculateTangents
    (done) - new param createMeshWithTangents
    (done) - new method apply (x2)
(done) IrrlichtDevice.h
    (done) - new method clearSystemMessages

(done) ISceneManager.h
    (done) - new param addCameraSceneNodeMaya
    (done) - new param addCameraSceneNodeFPS
    (done) - new param addCameraSceneNode
    (done) - new params createFollowSplineAnimator

(done) ITexture.h
    (done) - new param lock
    (done) - new param regenerateMipMapLevels
    (done) - new return type getName

(done) IVideoDriver.h
    (done) - new enum ERT_MULTI_RENDER_TEXTURES
    (done) - relocated ERT_STEREO_LEFT_BUFFER
    (done) - new array FogTypeNames
    (done) - new struct IRenderTarget
    (done) - different param for beginScene
    (done) - new param addTexture
    (done) - new overload setRenderTarget
    (done) - new method getFog
    (done) - new method getMaterial2D
    (done) - new method enableMaterial2D
    (done) - new method getMaxTextureSize

(done) matrix4.h
    (done) - new method equals

(done) path.h
    (done) - new struct SNamedPath
(done) quaternion.h
    (done) - new op overload !=
    (done) - new method set
    (done) - new method equals

(done) SceneParameters.h
    (done) - new const OBJ_TEXTURE_PATH
    (done) - new const B3D_TEXTURE_PATH
(done) SColor.h
    (done) - new method getLightness

(done) SExposedVideoData.h
    (n/a) - new constructors

(done) SIrrCreationParameters.h
    (done) - new prop LoggingLevel
(done) SMaterialLayer.h
    (done) - new enums
        (done) ETC_MIRROR_CLAMP
        (done) ETC_MIRROR_CLAMP_TO_BORDER   
    (done) - new values for aTextureClampNames
    (done) - new props TextureWrapU:4, TextureWrapV:4
    (done) - removed TextureWrap
(done) SSkinMeshBuffer.h
    (done) - method MoveTo_2TCoords renamed to convertTo2TCoords
    (done) - method MoveTo_Tangents renamed to convertToTangents

(done) triangle3d.h
    (done) - new method isTotalOutsideBox
(done) vector3d.h
    (done) - new method getSphericalCoordinateAngles

(n/a) driverChoice.h
    (n/a) - new file

(done) EAttributes.h
    (done) - new file

(done) EPrimitiveTypes.h
    (done) - new file
(done) EShaderTypes.h
    (done) - new file

(done) SVertexManipulator.h
    (done) - new file

Re: v1.7.1 conversion

progress update.  almost have the API breaking components fixed so i can compile.

Re: v1.7.1 conversion

inching along... but progress!

Re: v1.7.1 conversion

compiling now (yay!).

Re: v1.7.1 conversion

more progress...

Re: v1.7.1 conversion

little bit further

Re: v1.7.1 conversion

more progress.  approaching 50% complete!!!

Re: v1.7.1 conversion

chipping away.

Re: v1.7.1 conversion

another update.  a quick note, i will be getting to the bugs in the bug forum for this release so thanks to all that have posted there!

Re: v1.7.1 conversion


Re: v1.7.1 conversion

finally starting to see the light at the end smile

Re: v1.7.1 conversion

sweet.  two updates in one day smile  IVideoDriver took about 3 hours...

Re: v1.7.1 conversion

almost done, but didnt quite make it.

Re: v1.7.1 conversion

done deal!!!  working on packing it up now but am out of time.  expect release tomorrow night!!!