Topic: Directory structure


I wrote a function that creates the needed directory structure and extracts all files in a zip.
Now i want to add a complete directory, including subdirectorys, to a new empty zip.

But, how do i create a directory structure inside a new empty zip?

Re: Directory structure

greetings smile  there is no way to create just a directory insize of the ZIP.  directories are created by adding a file to a directory in the zip.  please see the AddFileToDest() method in the docs.  it will allow you to add a file to the zip using a different destination.  so something like:

myzipwriter.AddFileToDest("myfile.txt", "mynewpathinside/mysubdirinside/myfile.txt")

but...  in testing to make sure this worked correctly before i posted to you i found a bug.  the bug has been resolved and a new mod posted.  please download the new mod before using the above.