Topic: Unicode streams

Is it possible to store unicode files when using AddStream? In the following code the unicode characters get corrupted. If the same unicode text is stored in a utf-8 file (TestData.txt) and I uncomment the AddFile line the text is stored perfectly. Can you help?

Framework brl.Basic
Import gman.zipengine

' Create our zipwriter object
Local zwObject:ZipWriter = New ZipWriter
Local bank:TBank = CreateBank()
Local bankfile:TBankStream = CreateBankStream(bank)
WriteLine(bankfile, "??????Šš??????????????????????Ÿ????Žž?????????????")

If (zwObject.OpenZip("", False))
    zwObject.AddStream(bankfile, "BankTestData.txt")
End If

Re: Unicode streams

greetings smile  the underlying zip library ZipEngine uses is non-UTF8 friendly.  no guarantees that i can get this working but will give it a whirl tonight after work.  on the surface it doesnt appear like it will be too much trouble.  famous last words smile