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Topic: Modifying iTexture or IImage per pixel


I've trying to draw directly to screen for drawing antialiased 2d lines, the best way looks like directly drawing to a iTexture and the using MyDriver.Draw2dImage()... to get it on screen, however i've tried the code below but it looks like it must be messing with the memory directly because i see it drawing other textures, switching between random textures and colors? (its messy code atm because i was try multiple things, Sorry). I don't realy have anywhere to upload the example pictures but i could email if you wanted to see the issues when using setpixel()?

    Local Itex:IImage = Mydriver.createImageEmpty(3, _DIMENSION2DI(256, 256))
    Local Col:SColor = _SCOLOR(255, 255, 255, 255)
    Local Vect1:Vector2di = Vector2di.createFromVals(Startpos.getX(), Startpos.getY())
    Local Vect2:Vector2di = Vector2di.createFromVals(EndPos.getX(), EndPos.getY())
    Local Pos:Position2di = StartPos
    Local Ang:Double = Vect1.getAngleWith(Vect2)
    Local Dist:Double = Vect1.getDistanceFrom(Vect2)
    Local SinVal:Double = Sin(Ang)
    Local CosVal:Double = Cos(Ang)
        Local A:Int
        While A < Dist
            A = A + 1
            Itex.setPixel(Pos.getX(), Pos.getY(), Col, False)
            Pos = _POSITION2DI(Pos.getX() + (SinVal * A), Pos.getY() + (CosVal * A))

        Local Texy:ITexture = MyDriver.addTextureFromImage("Tex154679", Itex)
                'same as Driver.Draw2dImage() but just includes alpha by default
        MyGUI.DrawFull2DImage(Texy, _POSITION2DI(50, 50))

otherwise i've found this code which i think would be better anyway, but i don't know to use the texture.lock() function and how to access the data it provides through the byte ptr? if i could get help converting this for bmax that would be awesome smile

video::ITexture* t = mesh->getMesh(0)->getMeshBuffer(0)->getMaterial().getTexture(0); 
   video::SColor c = video::SColor(0xFFFF0000); 
   int p = t->getPitch(); 
   video::ECOLOR_FORMAT f = t->getColorFormat(); 
   int z = video::IImage::getBitsPerPixelFromFormat(f) / 8; 
   int m = 0; // can be from 0 to 8 (for texture with size 256x256) 
   void* b = t->lock(false, m); 
   if (b) 
      for (int x = 0; x < (256 >> m); x++) 
         for (int y = 0; y < (256 >> m); y++) 
            c.getData((unsigned char*)b + y * (p / (1 << m)) + x * z, f);