Topic: Compiling Mod and any other advice

Hi GMan,

I'm feeling really dumb here and I know i've asked a few other questions lately just hoping you still are able to help with this a bit? i'm unable to recompile the mod, I was looking at what it takes and spending time trying to search the forums but not having any luck, i saw a post mention you need the MinGW installed in the windows directory so i downloaded that but i just get a "Build Error: failed to compile irrlicht.cpp" error when trying to build Core.bmx.

I am a complete noob with building modules I haven't done any before (am i able build them with BMX or do i need an external compilier?) but I didn't think it was supposed to be hard? Do i need the irrlicht code installed as well somewhere? I understand the C++ syntax reasonably and BMX quite well but just not sure how to put them together?

If anyone can help with any off this that would be awesome, the main thing I really need and is missing is a wrapper for IParticleScaleAffector which i really need for them to look any good, Once i can start compiling things i'm pretty confident i can work it and happy to share it too.

I'm pretty stuck and don't want to have to use individual billboard particles just to get scaling working because its a lot slower and i would like to add beam scene nodes too which i can do another way but would like to keep it consistent irrlicht style.

Thanks for anything you can offer when you have any free time, I still have plenty of coding to do in the meantime wink