Topic: Mappy

while ive been waiting for the terrain stuff to hope fully be done ive been playing with 2D and mappy ive never done any 2D before so im a newb to this :x now im trying to make a pac man type game ive used alot of ur code as referance heh with it i have the level loaded and a temp player(the box you use in an example) this will be changed to a bitmap soon but the problem i have is i cant for the life of me get collision working maybe im just stupid im includeing the map and source it aint long just a few lines could you either point out the obvius or give me a hint please. …

Thx Damian

Re: Mappy

i think the problem is in the map itself.  none of the blocks (at least that i can find) have any of the collision bits turned on.  the one MapCollisions is testing for specifically is the upper left collision block.  check the upper left collision block for any block that you want to test collisions against using MapCollision().