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Topic: Impartial Advice


Question, How fast is 3Impact?
I downloaded the Demo, and on simple things it had a framerate a lot less than a comparible scene in B3D with EasyTok (Felixs' Tokamak wrapper).

I understand that the main sales pitch of 3Imapct is its simplicity, but that goes out the window if the potential Buyee is comfortable enough to use PhysX or Newton. So as youve done work with both 3Impact and Irrlicht/Newton in Bmax, could you give some indication as to what a speed comparison would be between them.

(That is, Im willing to putup with a longer dev time, cos Im not going to finish anything anyway)

P.S. Hope you had a nice holiday

Re: Impartial Advice

thanks smile  holiday was a lot of fun and got to spent much time with the family.  really enjoyed it smile

unfortunately i really havent used 3Impact for anything really.  there was a need for a wrapper and i was there smile  Amon may have some better insight.