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Topic: Irrlicht examples not working?

Hello Gman,

Was wondering if you could shed some light on my problem?

I have Biltzmax 1.24, downloaded the latest irrlicht.mod and irrlicht examples. The "Hello World" example works but not the others. All examples seem to compile except the output window halts when asked for graphics driver and doesn't respond to any input.

All examples that come with Blitzmax work.

Thank you for your awesome work and time.

[Edit] Problem solved! I noticed there was an update for Bmax to 1.26. After upgrading all Irrlicht examples that I have tried are now working!

Re: Irrlicht examples not working?

if you compile the examples, you are asked for a driver like:

Please select the driver you want for this example:
(a) Direct3D 9.0c
(b) Direct3D 8.1
(c) OpenGL 1.5
(d) Software Renderer
(e) Burning's Software Renderer
(f) NullDevice
(otherKey) Exit

Now you click into the 'Output' window and choose your driver, (e.g. 'a')
Press ENTER and the Window should appear wink

Re: Irrlicht examples not working?

Thank you Kaszuao1990,

After updating to Bmax to 1.26 examples started working. I was running Bmax 1.24 and I am not sure why the upgrade fixed examples, but I am happy they are working.

Re: Irrlicht examples not working?

Ya sorry, haven't read your [Edit].. tongue
I just wanted to be the first answer.. cool