Topic: Whats to download?

Hi gman, thanks for your hard work on this wrapper.

Im seeing a post referencing version 0.14 but I cant find the download anywhere.
Im currently running blitzmax 1.28 and the irr 0.13 wrapper version.

Am i upto date with this install?

If not, where can i find the 0.14 distribution and the updated exmaples.

Thanks for any help here. I love irr and want to get started with it right away.

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Re: Whats to download?

Digging further into this irrlicht I've noticed theres no sound support. Is it possible to use irrKlang with bmax? Or does that also need wrapped?

One last question, irrEdit looks interesting - is it possible to load worlds created within this editor?

irrlicht  looks attractive to me for several reason - 1) being able to load lightmapped b3d mesh is a major plus since I've so much media from b3d projects.
2) easy of use, dosent appear to be overwhelming.

But on the down side it appears to have no sound engine, shaking at best documentation, no node system ala tv3d6.5.

I wish to use irrlicht over all other engines but these glarring differences are really holding me back from even attempting to learn its basic syntax.

Any advice and answers appreciated - Thanks.

Re: Whats to download?

IS anyone still around here? this place seems dead..  I can only assume the wrapper is dead as well?
That sucks, the only other alternative is truevision and I dont much like their art pipeline.. oh well.

Re: Whats to download?

No, this forum not is dead smile
1. "version 0.14" - . And about irrKlang: in BlitzMax are 2 audio modules: BRL.Audio & BRL.OpenALAudio.

2. See up! smile And about documentation - on official irrlicht's site having good documentation in CHM. smile

Re: Whats to download?

my apologies for the delay...  definately not dead.  just swamped at work so no real time to do any extra stuff.  the v.14 is an extremely old version.  the latest version is for Irrlicht v1.3.1 (see link in Serges post) and im currently working on the v1.4 compatible mods.

as Serge mentioned Irrlicht has a decent CHM file.  the Irrlicht mod was designed to be as compatible with the C++ Irrlicht API is possible so using the CHM file for help is your best bet.  there are a few differences i had to implement due to no method overloading in BMAX. 

as for sound, BMAX has a capabale sound system built-in.  i thought about irrKlang but the licensing for it is not the type of mod i would like to put out.

Re: Whats to download?

Excellant gamn and Serge, appreciate the reply. This wrapper and engine interest me the most of them all. Im coming from XNA game engine and its been hard to say the least - to get a simple scene running. I want to return to bmax badly and thinking your wrapper and the irr engine is my answer.

Again, thanks for the replies and your dedication to this fine project. Bye.