Topic: ISceneNode.getChildren() doesnt work

at first: excuse my poor english

Local bm:IAnimatedMesh =  irr.irr_scene.getMesh("data/boxes.b3d")
Local boxes:IAnimatedMeshSceneNode = irr.irr_scene.addAnimatedMeshSceneNode(bm)

Local c:ISceneNode[] =  boxes.getChildren()

c is always NULL. I have tried CountChildren() in Blitz3D and it works, the model has 3 children. In BlitzMax with Irrlicht the model is loaded and displayed correctly. Whats wrong with my source?

the model can found here:

thanx for help!

Re: ISceneNode.getChildren() doesnt work

greetings smile  in Irrlicht, B3D is just a mesh format not a scene format so you cannot retrieve children from within.  you can retrieve joints from B3D files using getJointNode() method of IAnimatedSceneNode.  If you wish to piece together a scene, you can use irrEdit to create a .irr file and load that into Irrlicht.