Topic: v1.7 conversion Any News ?

Any update on the v1.7 conversion ? 

I've just started to actually use Irrlicht with BMAX, long time in coming and hopefully wont be too much of a learning curve

Gman your wrapper is a god send wink

Re: v1.7 conversion Any News ?

I take it no news is bad news ?   project is dead?

Re: v1.7 conversion Any News ?

greetings!  my sincere apologies for the lack of response.  definately not dead, just my real job has me extremely taxed right now and i have no time for other stuff sad  trying to maintain some semblance of a real life...  hopefully within the next month we can get the current workload down and i will be freed up.

Re: v1.7 conversion Any News ?

now ive read my comment it does sound as if im moaning. somewhat. - sorry to sound ungrateful for your sterling work already !

if i hadnt come across a problem with creating tAngents from a mesh i would find 1.6 more than acceptable

The work you did with including xeffects is superb, its a shame that RL is getting in your way i would imagine it creates alot of work keeping up with new builds

Your work means we all dont have to ditch MAX and relearn c......

Re: v1.7 conversion Any News ?

greetings smile  didnt come across as moaning!  i know where you are coming from smile  i think i will be caught back up this week and will be able to begin work on the conversion again this weekend.