Topic: Example #10 Doesn't Compile

Using the latest release (1.7.1 is it?). Example #10 - Shaders doesn't compile. Returns the error:

Compile Error: Unable to convert from String to IReadFile

on line #265 of 10.shaders.bmx. Specifically, the compiler fails on this bit of code:

        newMaterialType1 = gpu.addHighLevelShaderMaterialFromFiles( ..
            vsFileName, "vertexMain", EVST_VS_1_1, ..
            psFileName, "pixelMain", EPST_PS_1_1, ..
            mc, EMT_SOLID)

This post: … =ireadfile on the official Irrlicht forum mentions it. Not sure if that's helpful at all.

And excellent work on this, GMan. Lots of fun tinkering around with it. :]

Re: Example #10 Doesn't Compile

Err... hmm?

Re: Example #10 Doesn't Compile

greetings smile  thanks for the report!  ill try to get to look at this sometime this weekend.

Re: Example #10 Doesn't Compile

there appears to be a method overload im missing.  should be able to get it implemented tonight.

Re: Example #10 Doesn't Compile

greetings smile  my apologies on the delay.  there is a new version of the mod for download with the missing overloads included and sample 10 fixed.