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I want to animate a mesh, it should follow a spline and should also rotate at specific points. Great, we have a createFollowSplineAnimator method in our sceneManager, but how to realize the rotation animations? CreateRotationAnimator only generates a rotation erverytime...

Is there a other way to create animations, something like this step for step animation in Blitz3D would be great (where you use keys to set positions and rotations).

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greetings smile  unfortunately the follow spline animator does not give notifications as it hits the follow points (that is a great idea though i think i will suggest it).  i think you can still use it, but it will need help from another animator to do the rotating.  the rotation animator would not be a good fit for your situation since it simply rotates an object a certain amount per second.  by the sound of what you want you probably want your mesh to face towards the next point on the spline.  i guess the way i would approach this is by writing a custom animator (i can provide an example after i get home).  that custom animator would be loaded up with the same list of points as the spline animator.  it would need a configurable distance parameter for checking passage of points since the spline animator potentially will not be exact.  maybe theres a better way to detect passage by analyzing if you are moving towards or away?  anyways, as the new animator detects passage of a point, it rotates the mesh towards the next point.

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Thank you for your fast answer(s), gman

You're right, the rotation animator can't help me to do that thing that I want to do. The animator should control chairlifts which you can build in my app. One animator-> some chairlift seats (bad English, I know)-> Some nicely animated chairlift seats. The rotation is needed at the end start the end station where the rope rounds a big wheel (I hope you know what I mean).
Facing to the next point would help I think, but how to realize? There's also the problem that those chairlift seats should always have the same speed, but the spline animator moves using one second per given point (right?).

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, a solution would be really nice wink

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Still alive?
I hope you find a solution because I can't :-(
(If you want me to I create you an image that shows how this animation should looks like)