Topic: equilivant pack_texureBlendFunc ?


I'm trying to get ONETEXTURE_BLEND working with sprites so i can set the alpha of scenenodes with textures that have alpha as well, I've got the below code off the irrilich forums which is easiest enough to convert to BMax however i'm not sure if the function pack_texureBlendFunc or equivilent exists in the BMax wrapper, is it missing or is the it just located somewhere else?


::SetAlpha( f32 alpha )
   // transparent?
   if( alpha < 1.0 )
      parent.GetSceneManager().registerNodeForRendering( meshSceneNode, ESNRP_TRANSPARENT );
      parent.GetSceneManager().registerNodeForRendering( meshSceneNode, ESNRP_SOLID );
   // set the alpha
   for( int i=0; i < meshSceneNode->getMaterialCount(); i++ )
      // get the material
      video::SMaterial &material = meshSceneNode->getMaterial(i);
      material.MaterialType = video::EMT_ONETEXTURE_BLEND;
      material.MaterialTypeParam = video::pack_texureBlendFunc( video::EBF_SRC_ALPHA, video::EBF_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA, video::EMFN_MODULATE_1X );
      material.Lighting = true;
      material.ZWriteEnable = true;