Topic: Mod for Linux


I compiled Irrlicht for Linux, so if someone is interested: …

Unfortunately the original fltkmaxgui does not work with Irrlicht because of libpng issues.
I modyfied it to work again and since MaxGui is for free there should be no problem uploading it: …

Re: Mod for Linux


I also compiled Irrlicht statically for Windows (with DX9, OpenGL, Software, BurningVideo, NO DX8).
(With support for 8 texture layers.)
I had to change the mod a little bit: There is no irrlicht.cpp in the mod but irrlicht_lin.cpp and irrlicht_win.cpp.
Theoretically if you still want to use a dll you have to use irrlicht_lin.cpp also in windows.

Maybe you want to have a look at this for future Irrlicht releases ?
It would be very nice to have support for static Irrlicht library in future releases.
For some reasons I don't now I had to add to core.bmx in ?win32: import brl.pngloader and in ?Linux: import brl.glmax2d. Without those two imports I get linker errors in release and/or debug build.

Irrlicht SDK with modified compile config (windows only, for linux use the original SDK): …
New Irrlicht Mod with static library (win+lin): …