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Any chance to implement support for the upcoming Oculus Rift HMD featured on kickstarter?

kickstarter: … o-the-game

Barrel distortion (fisheye) source code thread:
mtbs3d forum: … mp;t=15086


Re: Oculus Rift support

greetings marbas smile  at this time i do not have any plans at tackling the Oculus Rift but i am watching it closely smile

Re: Oculus Rift support

The fact that you are watching this is very good news me thinks gman smile At the moment Im looking into if the performance of irrlich & wrapper + bmax is adequate for barrel distorted stereo rendering. The reason Im asking this to be supported in the wrapper is that it might make a big difference performance wise to implement support at a lower level. I understand that doing this process on the GPU with a shader is the best technique for good performance.