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Hi Gman,

New to these forums (and BlitzMax).

First of all, a bit thank you for creating the irrlict module. 

Just picking up on a few other posts here - any chance of building the bmax irrlicht modules to wrap Irrlicht v1.8?   

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Re: Irrlicht 1.8

greetings Duffer!  thank you for the heads up on the new version.  life is pretty busy for me right now but i will definitely add it to my list. i do not have an estimate to complete this yet but i imagine it will be at least a month out.

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Re: Irrlicht 1.8


I really like the irrlicht engine and you did a great job with the wrapper.
But there is one thing that is lacking: documentation.
I offer you that I add the irrlicht api docu (from as Rem...End Rem comment in front of every function when you're done with the irrlicht 1.8 mod. (At least for the most important classes)


Nevermind. I'm using Unity3D now.