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Topic: ZipEngine and BMX 64 Bit?


Brucey has created a 64 Bit Version of BMX. You can grab the latest informations here: http://www.blitzbasic.com/Community/pos … pic=105537

Could you make your module compatible with this?

I'm getting:
Compile Error: Overriding method does not match any overridden method. (Detail: Return type is "Int", expected "Long". Argument count differs. Got 1, expected 2 arguments.Argument #1 is "Int", expected "Long".)
Build Error: failed to compile (-1) C:/BlitzMax/mod/gman.mod/zipengine.mod/zipengine.bmx
Process complete


Re: ZipEngine and BMX 64 Bit?

Hello again,

Brucey updated your code to work with BMX NG (64 Bit). You can grab it from here: https://github.com/maxmods/gman.mod