Topic: proposed new interface additions

the following are additions i am proposing to the current interface.  questions/comments would be much appreciated.

' additions to the existing ISQLDB type

    ' driver supports transactions
    ' driver supports transaction save points
    ' driver supports keeping results on the server
    ' can prepare statements
    ' returns True if the implementation supports the passed feature
    Method hasFeature:Int(feature:Int) Abstract 
    ' same as the MySQL implementation, but with the addition of hasFeature can now be moved here
    Method setPrefetch:Int(bPrefetch:Int=True) Abstract 

    ' passed string contains only text
    Const ESCT_STRING:Int 
    ' passed string has binary values
    ' escape a string to make it compatible with the native engine
    Method escapeString:String(stmt:String,esc_type:Int=ESCT_STRING) Abstract 

    ' creates a transaction object to be used with commands
    Method BeginTransaction:ISQLTransaction(Options:String) Abstract 
    ' creates a command object for use by the driver
    Method CreateDBCommand:ISQLCommand(Transaction:ISQLTransaction = Null) Abstract 
    ' returns the version info for the native server
    Method getNativeServerVer:String() Abstract
    ' returns the version info for the native client
    Method getNativeClientVer:String() Abstract
    ' returns the version info for the driver implementation
    Method getISQLDriverVer:String() Abstract
    ' returns "about" type information regarding the driver implementation
    Method getISQLDriverInfo:String() Abstract

' type enabling transaction support and performing transaction functionality
Type ISQLTransaction
    ' commits a transaction
    Method Commit() Abstract
    ' rollsback a transaction
    Method RollBack(SavePoint:String) Abstract  ' Save Points are better for nesting... and method used by SQL Standards
    ' begins a transaction
    Method BeginTransaction(SavePoint:String) Abstract   

' collection of parameters
Type ISQLParmeterCollection Extends TMap
    ' creates a new parameter object, sets its value, adds to collection, and returns it
    Method addParam:ISQLParameter(pname:String,value:String,ptype:Int=TYPE_STRING) Abstract
    ' removes a parameter from the collection.  returns true if successful.
    Method removeParam:Int(pname:String)
    ' gets the parameter from the collection.
    Method getParam:ISQLParameter(pname:String) Abstract

' parameter for ISQLCommand
Type ISQLParameter
    ' based on this type, the underlying implementation will convert the value
    ' to a format supported by the SQL database engine
    Const TYPE_STRING:Int=0
    Const TYPE_BINARY:Int=1
    Const TYPE_BYTE:Int=2
    Const TYPE_BOOLEAN:Int=3
    Const TYPE_CURRENCY:Int=4
    Const TYPE_DATE:Int=5
    Const TYPE_TIME:Int=6
    Const TYPE_DATETIME:Int=7
    Const TYPE_SHORT:Int=8
    Const TYPE_INT:Int=9
    Const TYPE_LONG:Int=10
    Const TYPE_FLOAT:Int=11
    Const TYPE_DOUBLE:Int=12
    ' returns the data type of this parameter
    Method getISQLType:Int() Abstract
    ' sets the data type of this parameter.  default is TYPE_STRING.
    Method setISQLType(isqltype:Int=TYPE_STRING)

    ' gets the parameter value
    Method getVal:String() Abstract
    ' sets the parameter value
    Method setVal(value:String) Abstract
    ' gets the parameter name
    Method getName:String() Abstract
    ' sets the parameter name
    Method setName:String() Abstract
    ' returns True if the parameter accepts null values
    Method getIsNullable:Int() Abstract
    ' sets whether the value can be Null or not
    Method setIsNullable(bIsNullable:Int) Abstract

' This is what you will need to do  prepared Statements
Type ISQLCommand

    ' this command will run an SQL statement
    ' this command will run a stored procedure

    ' returns the connection object associated with this command
    Method GetConnection:ISQLDB() Abstract
    ' sets the transaction object for this command
    Method SetTransaction(Transaction : ISQLTransaction) Abstract
    ' returns the transaction object for this command
    Method GetTransaction:ISQLTransaction() Abstract
    ' sets the command that will run
    Method SetCommandText(SQLStatement:String) Abstract
    ' returns the command set to run
    Method GetCommandText:String() Abstract
    ' sets the command type
    Method SetCommandType(SQLCommandType:Int=SQLQUERYCOMMAND) Abstract
    ' returns the command type
    Method GetCommandType:Int() Abstract
    ' executes the statement and returns the result set
    Method Execute:ISQLResultSet() Abstract
    ' executes this statement as a scaler and returns either the first row/col 
    ' value or the value of the field passed from the first row
    Method ExecuteScaler:String(field_nm:String=Null) Abstract

    ' gets the parameters collection
    Method getParameters:ISQLParmeterCollection() Abstract

    ' prepares a statement for better performance
    Method Prepare() Abstract