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there is a new version of 3Impact released.  i have downloaded it but have not yet had the opportunity to install it.  based on the release email, there shouldnt be too hectic of an upgrade (crossing my fingers anyway).  in any case, wanted to let you know i will be providing an updated mod for the new release.  i do not have a timeline yet.

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Thanks GMan. I just got my download email and have downloaded and inbtsalled it.

The 3impact devs have said that a few commands have been removed but that moving projects over from 4.4 to 5.1 is very easy.

I hope it will be the same for your wrapper thanks for updating it. Hope to see it ready and downloadable soon. smile

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Cool, gman! Thank you very much... We will await, even if it's boring! big_smile (And what else could we do?)

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Any progress? Sorry to seem inpatient it's just that I'm really eager to start messing with this in BlitzMax. smile

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greetings Amon smile  my apologies as i have yet to start.  had my youngest daughters B-Day this weekend which wiped Friday and Saturday.  i have installed it though and plan to hit it this week.  at this time i would plan for this coming weekend.

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Hi gman. No problem. The weekend is fine. If you can get it done today though I'll donate to you on Tuesday 8th May. smile

Plus can I have the source to the wrapper or do we already get it with the download you provide?

I'd like to see if I can update it myself (Doubtfull smile) or I can get someone like antony to do the updates. It will save me the time of having to wait smile

I hope the birthday went well for the little one. smile

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Re: v5.1.0.0 release of 3Impact

Thanks gman. I have downloaded and tested the beta but I get the following error:

??? E:/Coding/3impact/Games/test area/.bmx/template.bmx.gui.debug.win32.x86.o(data+0x298): undefined reference to `__3impact_lib__3IEngine_SkinMeshShadowCasterCreate'
Build Error: Failed to link E:/Coding/3impact/Games/test area/template.exe

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Re: v5.1.0.0 release of 3Impact

I get the same issue with that one also gman.

I'm using the same template as for 4.40. below

Framework _3Impact.Lib

If Not i3ImpactOpen() RuntimeError "Unable to initialize the 3Impact game engine"
If Not i3ImpactSettings(_ISETTINGS(640,480,32,False,True)) RuntimeError "3Impact settings failed"

Local myEngine:bmx_3IEngine=New bmx_3IEngine

' begin 3Impact processing

Type bmx_3IEngine Extends _3IEngine 
' called to initialize game variables, load resources, etc
Method _Init()

' the main game loop
Method _Run()

' called when the application exits in order to clean up
Method _Exit()

As you can see I'm not doing anything apart from trying to open a window.


Hope it can be sorted.

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When I run it in the standard IDE I get this message:

The procedure entry point iBodyMassModelSet could not be located in the Dynamic Link Library dll3impactd.dll

Aint got a clue what that means smile

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not sure about the IDE you are running in the previous post.  sounds like its not finding the new module for some reason. 

for the standard IDE, i think this may be a 3Impact install issue.  the procedure entry point message leads to the DLL that the EXE is finding being the v4.4 DLL.  to fix you need to make sure you are using the v5.1 DLL.  remember you need to move the EXE to the v5.1 3ImpactWork folder before you run it or you need to be sure you copy the DLLs from the v5.1 into the system32 directory and make sure there are no older 3Impact DLLs in your system path.

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Hi gman! Yep it was an install issue. I was using the 4.4 dll's. Hahahahaha I'm such a noob. smile

All seems to be working fine now, thanks. smile

I'll make a donation next Tuesday to help you out.

Also, hopefully by the weekend you'll have the docs sorted also.

Thanks for your continued work on this. It's very much appreciated. smile

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Re: v5.1.0.0 release of 3Impact

Thank you very much for the new release, gman.

I installed like described in the docs, but all the demos I try to compile throw an error "The Application Failed to Initialize Properly (0xc0150002)". My DirectX is updated. Could anyone give me a hint?

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Re: v5.1.0.0 release of 3Impact

The link you posted is only applies to the EXE version of 3impact, but not to the DLL version we use. Maybe it was wrong to be happy about the new of 3impact, if there are so many problems.

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i was a little surprised myself at the compatibility.  only 1 out of my 3 machines were able to run the samples.  one was an integrated DX9 Intel chipset, the other was a DX9 compatible nVidia.  the one that did work was an ATI.  i guess better features come at a cost sad

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Re: v5.1.0.0 release of 3Impact

The computer I have has a nvidia card installed, too... But of 3impact isn't running, while runs perfectly.

I installed the latest Windows updates plus the newest nvidia driver (158.22), but no chance to use the

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I got it running... smile

I have some problems with the samples you converted to Blitzmax. Here is some bug-reporting:

These samples can be compile, but I only see a black screen:
- BreakableRagdoll
- Ragdoll
- SkinnedRagdoll

These samples can't be compiled:
- Cameraman
- SimpleCarCameraman
- Trails
because the 3impact_cameraman.bmx still has some errors.

SpringyBug sample can't be compiled, too.

And the GammaEffects sample seem to have no result if I press SHIFT/A/Z.

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greetings smile  thanks for the update.  what did you need to do to get it to run?  im beginning to fear that the DLL version of 3Impact has some bugs.  i will investigate further and see if there is anything i can report to 3Impact.

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Re: v5.1.0.0 release of 3Impact

greetings real76 smile  please download the newest mod release.  i think i have everything resolved now.  there was an issue with 3Impact accepting Null passed to a $z defined parameter.  i had to convert to using Byte Ptrs.  also fixed the cameraman support functions.  thanks again for your help.

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Cool! big_smile I have to wait until thursday to test and play with the new release... I'm having an IT-training this from today to wednesday.