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if you didnt know already there is a 4.4.0 release of 3Impact.  thanks to the generosity of 3Impact, i should be able to have an upgraded mod for you by the end of the weekend.  just and FYI...  i have decided to not change the format of the mod (as mentioned in the DLL topic).

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update is complete.  please see the current release topic.

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I've got problems compiling. Since updating to the latest version of 3impact mod I'm getting the following error.

C:/Applications/Coding Apps/BlitzMax/bin/ld.exe: cannot find C:/Applications/Coding Apps/BlitzMax/mod/_3impact.mod/libs/libdll3impactd.a

I've got the dll's, as instructed in the chm help file, in system32 and in the directory where my game is. The .a files have both been moved "libdll3impact.a and libdll3impactd.a" in the lib folder under the _3impact.lib folder. This is in my mod folder.

I've noticed that it shows that it is looking for the .a files, when compiling, in a "libs" folder and not a "lib" folder as is in the mod folder. When changing the folder to "libs" I get a whole host of other errors.

I've tried building modules and a fresh install of blitzmax.

Any help would be appreciated. smile

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Hi gman! There was no libs folder when I extracted the mod zip file. There was only lib.mod. I created a libs folder manually and put the .a files in there and all is working. smile

What happens though with the default Blitzmax template is that when I run the following

Framework _3impact.lib

If not i3ImpactOpen() RuntimeError "Unable to initialize the 3Impact game engine"
If not i3ImpactSettings(_ISETTINGS(640,480,32,False,True)) RuntimeError "3Impact settings failed"

Local myEngine:bmx_3IEngine=New bmx_3IEngine

' begin 3Impact processing

Type bmx_3IEngine Extends _3IEngine 
' called to initialize game variables, load resources, etc
Method _Init()

' the main game loop
Method _Run()

' called when the application exits in order to clean up
Method _Exit()

I don't get a window with a black screen anymore just a window with a screen that changes colour. Maybe it's my drivers. Will update drivers and let you know.

Thanks again for your help. smile

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Nope, the drivers were not the issue. I'll try getting on with my game though and hope the problem sorts itself out. smile

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hi amon.  all the demos should work.  what happens when you run a demo?  also, did you remember to update your DLLs with the new DLLs from the 3Impact 4.4.0 distribution?

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Hi gman. It turned out that I had DirectX in Debug mode after working with Torque Shader Engine. I set it to release mode and everything is working fine.

Sorry to be of bother.


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not a problem smile  good to note and happy you resolved it!