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Topic: Using the Irrlicht documentation


I started using this fantastic wrapper (thank you very much for your work gman) and went through the first seven tutorials, and completly understand how the code works, but I have a problem with the Irrlicht documentation and how to read/use it.

For example:

Local bill:IBillboardSceneNode = smgr.addBillboardSceneNode()
bill.setMaterialType(EMT_TRANSPARENT_ADD_COLOR )

There I know that if I want to check parameters etc. for addBillboardSceneNode() that I have to select the namespace irr::scene then click on the ISceneManager, because it's smgr., and then I find the addBillboardSceneNode() function.

But If I have something like this:

Local ray:Line3df = Line3df.Create()        

Then I have no idea where to find the getStart (or even worse the getEnd) function and how to figure out all the other following functions.

I'd be very grateful if someone could explain me how to use the documentation.
And maybe I will then understand why the Irrlicht help is said to be so clean and easy to use, because in comparison with the blitzmax (or, if someone knows, DarkBASIC Pro) documentation , where I just click on Graphics and have all the functions listed that deal with graphics, it's pretty hard to figure out what I should click.

Thank you for reading this and I don't want to complain about everything, also it maybe seems like this wink

Re: Using the Irrlicht documentation

http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/docu/cl … ine3d.html

Public Attributes

vector3d< T >     end
    End point of line.
vector3d< T >     start
    Start point of line.

Re: Using the Irrlicht documentation

greetings smile  when converting to BMAX, some things dont port well.  properties and method overloads mainly.  properties had to be converted to get/set type methods.  if what you are trying to access is a property then there should be a getProperty()/setProperty() set of methods to access it.  method overloads arent possible in BMAX unfortunately.  those are converted into unique names similar to the one you are looking for.  the best way to find out these and the properties is to simply look at the BMX code file for the class you are working with.

Re: Using the Irrlicht documentation

Ah know I understand how it's working.
Thank you very much!