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Topic: Howto Blitz3D Irrlicht

Hi there.

The reason I'm interested:

I would like to run blitz3d compiled programs under virtual machines (Ubuntu 7.04 host Win2k guest) which do not support directx.

To do this I will need a software to replace directx 3d.

I have looked for a couple of days but can't find any clear instructions on HOWTO wrap blitz3d for irrlicht.


1) How do I install irrlicht so that it will work with blitz3d?
2) How do I download and set up your wrapper for blitz3d?
3) Are there any examples, or could you show me how to convert this simple program?

;first irrlicht program

Graphics3D 800,600,16,3
SetBuffer BackBuffer()


PositionEntity cube,0,0,5

While Not KeyHit(1)

TurnEntity cube,.1,.2,.3

Text 320,500,"First Blitz3D Program"



: )

Re: Howto Blitz3D Irrlicht

Any ideas / help welcome !

Re: Howto Blitz3D Irrlicht

greetings smile  my apologies on the delay.  the company i work for contracted me out and my days are kinda long neutral 

it may sound odd recommending a different module but from the sound of what you are trying to do i would recommend trying MiniB3D.  its further along than iB3D and is designed to be a near replacement for B3D.


good luck!