Topic: Sid Player no working with maxmod

K.. i give up :-(

I wouldn't normally ask for help (I write software proffesionally), but iv'e tried everything i can think of and i just keep hitting the same brick wall with the sidplay addon for max mod.

After a struggle i got max mod working, but sidplay refuses to play ball in any way shape or form..

Using the music.bmx file as an example, and commenting out the 'Import SID.Sidstream' line at the top of the file all i get when trying to compile is the following:

Building Music
flat assembler  version 1.66
3 passes, 4056 bytes.
C:/Program Files/BlitzMax/mod/sid.mod/sidstream.mod/sidstream.release.win32.x86.a(sidstream.bmx.release.win32.x86.o.b)(data+0x68): undefined reference to `_redi_maxmod_TMusic_Init_dsBuffer'
Build Error: Failed to link G:/Downloads/blitzmax/maxmod_1.15/maxmod.mod/examples/Music.exe
Process complete

I can look in the binary for sidplay and i can see that it does in deed call a function in max mod by the above name, but without the sources to rebuild the .a file i'm unable to to anything about it.

It appears that max mod is missing a function link that sid play requires...

I'm going to post this same reply on Redis forum too, any help would be appreciated guys.



Re: Sid Player no working with maxmod

greetings shawty smile  something internal had changed to MaxMod since i last compiled the SID mod.  it was expecting a function to be in maxmod and the symbol was missing.  a recompile of the sidstream mod will fix it or alternatively you can download the new distro.

Re: Sid Player no working with maxmod

Thanxs for the greets Gman :-)

Where is the latest distro, beacuse the one i'm using was downloaded of your site here approx 6 hours before i posted this, so i'm asuming this is the latest.

Btw .. Thanx for the prompt reply....

Re: Sid Player no working with maxmod

same place as before, new distro as of my last post.  recompiled for the newest maxmod.  sorry... should have been more clear on that.

Re: Sid Player no working with maxmod

No probs Gman, i'll give it a try.. and thanks again for your help?

Re: Sid Player no working with maxmod


Pleased to say it all works now, thnx very much ;-)

Now i can go ahead and continue converting all my old demos and sources from my C64 and early PC days, the first of which is at

It was an old BBS advert for my (now long gone) BBS that i had while i was still at college in the 80's :-)

Feel free to put it on here as a sample that uses maxmod and the sidplay libs.



Re: Sid Player no working with maxmod

excellent news smile  very glad its working for you now. 

love the rasterbars smile  there is just something about grooving to sids with that style of graphics that puts a smile on my face.   maybe memories of a simpler time...

thank you for the kind offer on the example.  i really dont have an example section yet for sids, but ill get something organized.

Re: Sid Player no working with maxmod

I know exactly what you mean Gman... And thanks to BMax i can now relive all those wonderfull things ;-)

Feel free to use the code as you see fit, although a credit never goes amiss..  and expect more in the near(ish) future, i'm gonna convert all my old BBS adds and demos.